Ocean Freight

  • Provide assistance to the shipper during all phases of the operation.
  • Coordinate cargo from Air port to Vessel.
  • Receive cargo and consolidate at our warehouse

Air Freight

  • Handle domestic and international air freight.
  • Ship under our own tariff, utilizing the services of appointed airlines
    and large air freight carriers.
  • Pick up and deliver from all airports in Egypt.
  • Prepare all relative air freight documentation.
  • Assist and prepare consular documentation.

Break Bulk

  • Collect documents and cargo from airlines or steamship line agents
  • Collect all funds as instructed by the in-house air waybills or by the shipping instructions
  • Inform originating agent of discrepancies such as damages, non-acceptance of goods, etc.
  • Forward transshipments to final destinations as quickly as possible

Warehouse operations

  • We offer warehouse services for handling and storage of ship spares and vessel supplies.

  • Loading and off loading containers

  • shipping and receiving of domestic and foreign cargo.

  • Sorting, grouping and labeling according to each vessel and it's relative departments, and provide the client an updated inventory of "Goods on Hand".

  • We are able to offer immediate service response for any emergency or urgency that may occur within the maritime activities related to our warehouse peration.

  • Warehouse services are available on weekends upon request and with prior arrangements

Pickup and Delivery Services

  • Our fleet of vehicles and personnel arrange pick up and delivery of Air shipments at Egypt airports.
  • Ocean freight handling through designated cargo steamship lines.