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Our company is established and registered at the ministry of maritime transport since 1978

We present our services in all Egyptian official ports, as well as oil private ports. 

Our company is the best in this area providing the Best Quality Services, meeting Dead line in providing the best satisfactory Quality.

Therefore our Co. possessing good network of branches in all Egyptian ports, our services and duties extends to cover & Secure All your needs on due Time.

We provide full assistance to Masters, Owners and Managers.

We can assist and supply vessels with the procurement of Deck & Engine stores in accordance with ISSA/IMPA Catalogues. As well as, hotel consumables, on a 24-hour basis.

We assure you will get an efficient service carefully looking after client interest by minimizing all sundries & expenses.

In case of need any of our services we can visit your vessel at the convenient time for you and arrange your order in the mean time.